Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is My Camry A Lemon? test

This is a test post but we can start the story here. In March of 2006 after someone rear-ending me on the 91 Freeway and totaling my Lexus, I went out and bought a new Toyota Camry. The other day I thought I heard a noise coming from the engine compartment. Nothing major just something didn't sound quite right. I decided to set up an appointment to take it in to the dealer. Then yesterday I was on the road actually right near the dealer I bought the car from (Toyota of Temecula Valley) so I took it in to the service department. Today they tell me the engine is blown and they want receipts for all of my oil changes. The car is under warranty (I bought the extended 100,000 mile warranty) I do put a lot of miles on it but it is less than 2 years old. I love Toyota vehicles. My Toyota truck is a 1994 and it has over 300,000 miles on it. I was expecting something similar from this vehicle but so far I have not been impressed. This is not my first run in with this dealer. I hope they do right by me and plan to document my experience here. Stay Tuned for updates on My Toyota Camry.

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jamie said...

2003 Toyota Camry. Blow engine at 88,000 miles. How could that happen on a car this has been maintained faithfuly? We noticed a puddle of what appeard to be coolant the other night. Car was running fine, no indication of a problem. We took it to the dealer we bought the car from and had all the required maintance done at. Competition Toyota Middle Island, NY. We expected a call that it was done and a hose was replaced. The ENGINE WAS BLOWN AT 88,000 MILES. How could that be. We were told by the service dept that it was a defect, and that Toyota would pay for all the needed parts. We had to pay for the labor. $2500.00. Please help me with this. If it is a Toyota defect, why dod we have to pay anything. Ok, it has passed its 75,000 mile warrany.And paid off in October!! But its a defect, rare, but they are aware of it. And, at labor fees at $95.00 and hour, why does it take 25 hours to change an engine? Watch for the recalls and class actions.